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Foster creativity in every child

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Interactive, fun and Engaging!

Bring the joy of reading and foster creativity in children. A platform exclusively dedicated for the care of children tailor-made for their need. 

Fostering Creativity in every child


Interactive stories

Each story can be expressed as text, images, audio, video or combination of the above. Each page has choices for the reader to choose how the story proceeds forward.

Curated Content

We understand the needs of your children, we offer stories which are engaging, informative, helping them new vocabulary with primary ambition of making reading fun!

Child friendly

No advertisement or distractions. We also have no in app purchases to prevent accidental purchase.

Our response to Covid-19

Is Covid-19 keeping your child from his grandparents?​

We got the perfect solution to bring them together

Rather than just calls and videos chats, we got something more to bring your child closer to their grandparents. Let your kids spend time and go on different places with their grandparents on our app! Read our blog and find out more….

Grand Parents reading stories to children

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Are you a budding children's writer?

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We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

If you are an aspiring author or an established one we welcome all to jump on board our new platform! 

Do you want to work with us?​

Freedom to choose and work on your own project idea. We also offer insights ideas and themes popular with kids.

Illustrators ready to help and support you.

See you story come to life in many languages, with our multilingual support you can reach wider audience.

Easy to use, self-help platform, which lets you publish you stories in our platform.

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