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Maple Tales encourages fun reading while bringing reading to a digital platform where the primary school child can create their own 15-minute story whether at school, library, bookshop or at home.

Does your child spend too much time playing mobile games instead of reading?

Maple Tales addresses the increasingly relevant educational problem that children's active reading time has been steadily decreasing for years, while the use of digital devices has been increasing.

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What is the current reading situation among children?

0 %
of children currently read in their free time. Tendency decreasing.
0 %
of children aged 8-11 already own a smartphone. (Media Use and Attitudes Report 2021)
0 %
of children show weak reading performance. The trend is rising. (IGLU 2016)
Our Promise

What does Maple Tales offer?

Maple Tales combines reading with all the elements that are fun for the child and couples playful reading with learning, building creativity and general knowledge. In doing so, the child is in a safe environment and the parent can find out all reading progress about the child in a secured version (reading progress not yet available in the current version).

Who does Maple Tales address?


Who have access to a mobile device and whose parents value educationally valuable content during screen time.

Libraries and Book Stores

who want to creatively draw attention to the book collection and specific works


who want to draw attention to their content and books

Schools and Educational Institutions

who want to open up topics in a playful and creative way and introduce children to reading

Timur, CEO
Marlene, CCO
Josh, CTO

The Maple Tales Team

We are a multi-professional team from the fields of business, education and IT. Together with other supporters and external experts, we are working on Maple Tales. Our vision is to increase reading motivation and the rate of successful reading socialisation in primary school children.

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About Maple Tales

Maple Tales is dedicated to introducing children to the world of reading. Join us on the journey of reading and experience the new way of reading.

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